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The Gas Consortium (TGC) was set up in 2014 to engage experts, decision-makers and stakeholders in policy advocacy within the gas industry. TGC drives its objectives with the rationale that Ghana’s natural gas industry would require effective and orderly management of the resource, based on clearly defined policies that position the country to compete and win in a globally competitive and hostile energy sector environment. As a policy advocacy organization, TGC’s role is to facilitate the development of knowledge-based leadership that drives the development and sustainability of the gas sector in accordance with the country’s developmental vision. Achieving this level of impact requires TGC to contribute to the strengthening of policymaking capacities and broadening of the policy horizon through policy sensitization and education of stakeholders as well as the wider communities.

TGC uses a stakeholder engagement cycle to define its core programme activities and drive strategic platforms which allow stakeholders to take ownership of issues within the sector, and mobilize plans and solutions that will lead to the effective implementation of policies. Using the three (3) core pillars of thought leadership, knowledge integration and capacity building, the outlined programmes promote the cross-disciplinary understanding of policy tools and options, expert-led consensus building among stakeholders as well as provide technical assistance in tracking the issues and plans through the implementation phase. For each pillar, the stakeholder engagement cycle allows partners to take ownership of the overarching vision by identifying and mapping out the issues and decision-makers, ensuring that policy solutions are premised on realistic implementation strategies.


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